Life after St Edmunds

Your time at St Edmund’s is just a stepping stone and Cambridge students enjoy very strong prospects of graduate-level employment or further study after graduation. Our St Edmund’s alumni can be found working across every sector:- in the arts and entertainment, banking, academia, the health sector, development work, law, governments, education and so on. Many have chosen the entrepreneurial route and set-up their own enterprise. Alumni from St Edmund’s, along with all other Colleges, have offered their expertise and advice to current students as mentors through the Careers Service ‘Handshake’ facility.

Careers Service

The University’s Careers Service serves all students, all degree disciplines, all Colleges and all career interests. They are NOT a commercially-driven agency, therefore their information and advice is delivered with your interests uppermost. They should be your first point of call with any careers-related conundrum. These can range from helping those who have no clue what to do (or too many ideas!) through to helping you prepare a CV (aka Résumé) to success at interview with your chosen employer – and all the stages inbetween.

They host many Careers Events and Briefing Sessions, covering all employment sectors. Employers also target Cambridge to host their own recruitment presentations – check their list of regularly updated events. Sectors such as Banking, Finance and Consulting start recruiting VERY EARLY in the academic year.

To access graduate-level vacancies and internships, register on ‘Handshake‘ system to create a search from thousands of graduate-level roles across all sectors. Appointments can also be booked with a Careers Consultant, if the Service’s extensive online resources fail to provide all the information and help you need.