Changing Tripos

Changing Tripos

This is never a decision that should be taken lightly, but very occasionally, students already in Cambridge on a course of study find that their original interests have shifted and they may feel that another Tripos is a better fit for them.  Please note that there is no automatic right to change Tripos and not all requested changes can be permitted.  It may be helpful to think of it almost as a fresh application.  Therefore you will still need the relevant background and be able to demonstrate that the change is in your best educational interests.    You may find the University admissions guide helpful  

If you are seriously intending to request a change in Tripos subject, you should first discuss your thoughts with your current Director of Studies.  You should also approach the Director of Studies in the subject you are interested in changing to.   If you would like to apply to change Tripos from the following academic year, the following procedure should be followed.  A completed application should be with the Tutorial Office no later than the end of Lent Full Term.  Applications for first year students for the current academic year may be considered up to the Division of the Michaelmas term  Applications received after these dates will not be considered

  1. Speak to your Director of Studies and ask them to sign the Request to change Tripos form.
  2. Speak to your Tutor and ask them to sign the Request to change form.  You should also discuss whether or not your course change will have any financial implications at this stage.
  3. Put together your application – this should include a statement indicating why you would like to change subject, your examination marks and any other relevant information you would like to be considered.   Submit this together with your form to the Tutorial Office.
  4. The Tutorial Office will submit your application, together with your current supervision report forms, any marks achieved to date and the original application you made to the College with references to the Director of studies in the subject you wish to change to.  By submitting your application to the Tutorial Office you are agreeing to this.
  5. You may only make one application in any academic year.
  6. The prospective Director of Studies may request an interview, or an additional piece of work to assess your suitability for the subject.  Normally, any firm decision will be contingent upon receiving at least a 2.1 mark in the Tripos you are currently studying.
  7. The Senior Tutor will then view your application and the comments of both the Directors of Studies.  The Senior Tutor may also request a meeting with you.
  8. You will be advised of the outcome by the beginning of the Easter Term and you will be written to after the examination marks if applicable to confirm if the change of course can go ahead.   Applications cannot be considered any later than the Lent term.  This is to ensure that decisions can be processed  prior to the exams but also allowing good time giving successful candidates the time to be fully up to speed with reading over the summer in time for the Michaelmas Term.

If you are unhappy with the decision / any part of the process please refer to the general complaints procedure in the Blue Book (Notes for members).

Please note that this procedure does not apply to students who are borrowing papers from other Tripos (providing this is allowed in the University Statutes) or for Natural Scientists and Medics and Vets who are choosing their Part II.   Do speak to your Director of Studies and consider your options carefully – particularly with regard to any later specialism for Vets and Medics.   Further information on selecting Part II will be available in the Lent term, but you may wish to visit