Dr Dirk Jongkind

Academic Vice Principal of Tyndale House

Dirk Jongkind has a business background in the horticultural sector in the Netherlands before he returned to academic study. In his doctoral work he studied the Codex Sinaiticus, an extremely old manuscript of the Greek Bible. After his doctorate in 2005 he was employed by the British Library in London in order to prepare the curatorial side of the Codex Sinaiticus Digitisation project. His specialisation is in the area of the Greek philology of the first century AD, including areas such as the study of inscriptions, papyri, and archaeology. He is the editor of a critical edition of the Greek New Testament which appeared in 2017.

He is keen to show that the language of the New Testament shows all the signs of being produced and used in a world that was just as dynamic and complex as ours. Though he has no problem supporting the English cricket and rugby teams, he cannot forget his Dutch roots when it comes to football. As an affiliated lecturer he teaches textual criticism and manuscripts in the Faculty of Divinity